Basseterre, St. Kitts, December 24, 2016 (SKNIS):
During the annual Christmas programme held at the Pogson Medical Centre in Sandy Point, Minister of Health, Honourable Eugene Hamilton, extended thanks to the dedicated healthcare providers whom he said have been selfless throughout the year.

“Indeed, by your own acts during the entire year, you are fulfilling what Christ calls us to do,” said Minister Hamilton, reflecting on Matthew 25 where persons are reminded to provide shelter for those who are homeless, food for those who are hungry, clothing for those who are naked and tend to those who are sick. “The fact that this institution provides that service for people who are sick, you are responding to the command of Christ Himself.”

Addressing the patients of the medical centre, he said that the Ministry of Health is doing its best to deliver to them the services that they need.

Minister Hamilton said that the Ministry of Health has had its challenges, but has also had many successes.

“Indeed, it was only very recently that we opened two facilities to provide services in the federation,” he said. “We opened the oncology unit and the mental health facility, but one of the greatest successes that we have had is our people, those who dedicate themselves to delivering services to the nation.”

In that regard, he acknowledged and recognised the contribution of the Republic of Cuba to the nation’s healthcare delivery programme as many of the persons, both nurses and doctors, who work in this ministry, were trained in Cuba.

“I think it is fitting, considering Comrade Fidel Castro died this year, for me to recognise and acknowledge his passing and to say thanks for the contribution of Cuba as a result of the work of Fidel Castro over the years,” said the minister.

Minister Hamilton said that as 2017 approaches, the ministry is going to do much more to ensure that the quality of service delivered responds to the needs of the people of St. Kitts and Nevis. He said that the ministry will be focusing on its renal health programme and its universal health care programme.

“The idea is to ensure that we in the point of service in the institutions help to prevent renal diseases by doing testing in all of our institutions,” said the minister. “Also, because of universal health care, we have to to ensure that we change the way we do things so that there is early detection and monitoring of things to reduce the incidence of chronic diseases.

Minister Hamilton said that he was delighted to celebrate the season with the healthcare providers and with those in their care at the moment.