Basseterre, St. Kitts, December 23, 2016 (SKNIS): In the spirit of Christmas, Prime Minister, Dr. the Honourable Timothy Harris, reflected on different aspects of the season that serve as a testament to the strength of the nation during a Christmas programme at the Pogson Medical Centre on December 23.

One such aspect he mentioned was God’s gift and sacrifice of His son. The prime minister’s Christmas message underscored that nation building also requires sacrifice.

“And not just sacrifice from the ministers, both ministers of the government and from the ministers within our church, but sacrifices from all those who are in service such as those who are in healthcare provision. It will involve a sacrifice,” said the prime minister.

Dr. Harris said that during the Christmas and Carnival season persons must be reminded that doctors, nurses and security forces must be recognized for their dedication as they have no time off.

“We want at this juncture also to remember the sacrifice of those who are in service of the nation, whatever sector they are in, whether at this particular time we remember the nurses, those who are on emergency management services and who give so much of their time and sometimes it is a thankless job,” said Dr. Harris.

Another aspect of the season, which the prime minister spoke to, was the remembrance that the federation is a nation under God and that persons should not be ashamed of serving God.

“This therefore is not a country where you have to be fearful about even being filled with the Holy Ghost as some Christian people are,” said Prime Minister Harris. “This is not a nation where you should be fearful about talking in tongues in the supermarket even if you have to knock down some juices because we are not offended by the name of God.”

The prime minister said that throughout scripture it is said that if a nation is prepared to uphold God, to manifest His own working in the lives of the people, that nation will be blessed. He said that in response to crime and other lows “we need more than just a police service ready and prepared, but we need to also call upon the spiritual realm and reality to help us to bring what is going awry and not so good to bring it on the right path.”

“This is critically important because indeed if we are a nation under God, indeed if we are a nation not offended by God, then in everything we do God has to be seen and be manifested in it. That is critically important,” said the prime minister.