Batuta Foundation Begins Co operative Venture In St. Kitts


(EMU) – St. Kitts, Dec 1, 2016: The Ministry of Education is praising a gesture by the Government of Columbia in collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to provide training for Music Teachers in St Kitts from November 28-30.

According to Education Planner and local coordinator for the project Mr. Quinton Morton, the project saw the arrival of two specialist consultants from the Batuta National Foundation of Columbia to train local music teachers in the art of delivery as well as to prepare students for performances.

Mr. Morton said some thirty teachers were engaged in the three day training initiative on the model and methodology of music for choir and assembly of musical instruments which was developed by the Batuta Foundation which will be responsible for follow up training in 2017.

Mrs. Ramon Gonzalez and Victor Hugo Guzman, Batuta Foundation Instructors, said the model which has been implemented in Columbia and Latin America with very good success can also be implemented in the Caribbean.

According to the facilitators the sessions ‘Educational and Methodological tools for the Choir, and the Assembly, Management and Conservation of Musical Instruments’ was well received by participants. They also visited the site where musical instruments will be held as well as the site of an intended school of music.

The facilitators were happy to announce that the second phase will include a handing over of instruments funded by the Government of Columbia to the Ministry of Education.

Mrs. Guzman and Mr. Gonzalez met with Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Education Mr.William Hodge who thanked them on behalf of the Government and people of St Kitts and Nevis and expressed his Ministry’s desire to see Musical Enrichment as a vibrant part of the schools’ curriculum once again,

They will return to the Federation with the instruments as early as December 12 th in preparation for sessions which will start in January 2017.